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Preview: "Why are we chipping away at this thing? Because: America (and the World) feel somewhat broken. Sure, stocks are going up, but there is more to life than ******* stock indexes."
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AmeriCo develops, acquires and sells companies.
We believe there to be "connections" that each company can help each other company with, learn from, or | 585-236-4183 | 212-729-1150OTHER COMPANIES WE LIKE OR THINK ARE COOL: Berkshire Hathaway | Dell Computer | Baltimore Orioles | Buffalo Bills | Rochester Red Wings | Red Roof Inn | WalMart | Onn | Tour The Glades | Destination Wildlife | Foreign to Domestic | The Lido Beach Resort | The Longboat Key Club | Roaring Brook Ranch | The Blakely Hotel (out of business) | Dairy Queen | McDonlads | Wendy's | Pepsi-Cola | The Instant Coffee Company | Solo (Red Solo Cups) | Paper and Pen | and many more.Products we think are cool and show promise: Chromebooks | Old School Desktops | Aventon e-Bikes | Electric Scooters | Centralized Pay Phones | Communal Products (within reason) |Products we think may be on the downward slope: Cars | Beds | Mattresses | Furniture | Smart Cell Phones |Concepts we like: "The Last Mile" : (a fancy way of thinking about delivery, logistics, and customer service) | Don't capture too much/many profits | Longevity | 1,000 True Fans (an online published essay by Kevin Kelly) |
How we relax: YouTube Music | YouTube | AM/FM Radios | MP3s | Walking | Staring out the Window | Pattern Recognition exercises.
Why we are based in The Dakotas: Space, Somewhat Low Costs, Nice and practical people, walkability, cool summer weather, relaxed ambiance. ||PORTFOLIO COMPANIES:

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